Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee (AUIFC)

The AUIFC reviews applications for capital improvements and disburses funds accordingly  This fund has supported renovations in the McLennan library, repainting in the Arts Lounge, and furniture for student association offices. 

Contact: AUS VP Finance

Arts Community Engagement (ACE) Committee

The ACE Committee is responsible for coordinating the AUS’s affairs and engagement with the community, including but not limited to, philanthropic ventures and activities with our neighbours in Montreal. 

Contact: AUS VP External

Arts Student Employment Fund Committee (ASEFC)

The ASEFC is responsible for allocating undesignated funds towards on-campus employment opportunities for Arts students. This includes positions with Arts OASIS, the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS), and the Social Equity & Diversity Education (SEDE) Office, as well as Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA). 

Contact: AUS VP Academic

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, six Vice-Presidents, and three Arts Representatives to SSMU. They discuss all matters pertaining to the AUS organization including financial and operational concerns. The Executive Committee has the power of Legislative Council between meetings of Council, however all motions passed by the Executive must be submitted to the next Legislative Council for ratification.

Contact: AUS President

Arts Undergraduate Society Environmental Council (AUSec)

The AUSec oversees the AUS’s commitment to sustainability, and thus works to ensure that all AUS ventures seek to be as sustainable as possible. In the past the AUSec has done a garbage audit in Leacock and purchased reusable coffee mugs for AUS SNAX. 

Contact: AUS VP Internal

AUS-Library Partnership Committee

As students, we spend a lot of time in the library. The Library Partnership Committee works to build a relationship with the McGill University Library, and is responsible for developing project proposals for capital improvements to the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (HSSL).

Contact: AUS VP Academic

Constitutional and By-Law Review Committee (CBRC)

The AUS has lots of governing documents, and they must be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are not self-contradicting and are effective. This year, the CBRC will serve as a Steering Committee for AUS Council, to prescreen proposals to amend the bylaws and constitution. 

Contact: AUS President

Commuter Support and Engagement Committee

The Commuter Support and Engagement Committee is designed to increase commuter student representation and involvement on campus and through academic and social initiatives. Members must be able to make the case for their status as off-campus/commuter students. Will meet at least twice a month.

Contact: AUS VP External

Arts Computer Lab Fund

The Arts Computer Lab Fund funds the maintenance and improvements to the AUS computer lab, which is a resource available to all AUS students.

Contact: AUS President

Financial Management Committee (FMC)

The FMC reviews departmental budgets and goes over the funding requests received from the various campus groups, Arts departmental associations, and student-run publications. The FMC usually has around $30,000- $40,000 in funding to disburse. 

Contact: AUS VP Finance

By-Laws | Règlements

Equity Committee

The AUS has a commitment to anti-oppression, nondiscrimination, and inclusivity. The Equity Committee works to support these principles within the operations of the AUS, and serves as a mediating body should there be an equity complaint. 


Event Planning and Involvement Committee (EPIC)

EPIC plans and coordinates events for Arts students, which in the past have included OktoberhAUS, the Departmental Cup, and Destress with the AUS. This is a great opportunity if you see event planning in your future. 

Contact: AUS VP Social

By-Laws | Règlements

Francophone Commission

The Francophone Commission of the AUS serves to further the interests of francophone students in the Faculty of Arts. They also organize the French Conversation Circles and further the mission of promoting a bilingual culture on campus. 

Contact: AUS VP Communications

Freshmen Events Academic and Representative Committee (FEARC)

FEARC is the first-year committee for U0 and new U1 students of the AUS. FEARC plans events and represents the interests of first-year students within the AUS. FEARC also has a specific mandate to represent former CEGEP students and international students.

Contact: AUS VP Internal

Fine Arts Funding Committee (FAFCO)

The Fine Arts Funding Committee promotes fine arts initiatives in the AUS community. The council has sponsored many projects including the Fridge Door Gallery, McGill’s only student-run and student-curated gallery showcasing artwork created by students. 

Contact: AUS VP Communications

By-Laws | Règlements

International Student Affairs Commission (ISAC)

The International Student Affairs Commission (ISAC) is dedicated to providing services and hosting events targeted at all international undergraduate arts students. Members must be able to make their case as international students and have a passion for community building. Meets roughly twice a month.

Contact: AUS VP External

AUS Publications Commission

The AUS Publications Commission (AUSPC) of McGill University provides support to all AUS departmental associations that publish undergraduate journals.

Contact: AUS VP Academic

Arts Internship Office (AIO) Advisory Committee

The AIO Advisory Committee works with the Arts Internship Office (AIO) to advertise their programming, plan events, and support Arts students looking for internships.

Contact: VP Academic

Mental Health AUS (MHAUS)

MHAUS advocates for mental health initiatives and awareness on campus and organizes events to promote mental wellbeing.

Contact: AUS VP External

Sponsorship Committee

The AUS takes on large endeavours throughout the year, and sometimes that requires support from the community in the form of in-kind support or donations. 

Contact: AUS VP External

People of Colour Council

The People of Colour Council serves to promote the interests of racialized students within the Faculty of Arts and host events regarding race, ethnicity, and culture.

Contact: AUS President