Arts Student Employment Fund (ASEF)

The Arts Student Employment Fund (ASEF) supports career-advancing and/or academically-based employment opportunities for Arts undergraduate students. These include Casual Research Assistant positions with professors within the Faculty of Arts, as well as various employment opportunities with other units across campus. The funding comes from the opt-outable Arts Student Employment Fund Fee which is collected from students on a semesterly basis.


You are eligible to apply if you are an Arts Undergraduate Student at McGill, and if you did not opt out of the ASEF fee for the semesters of employment (the semester(s) you plan on working during, if you are working in the summer paying for the winter semester will suffice). If you would like confirmation on if you are opted in or out please reach out to the AUS VP Academic. Additionally, the employment  must have as their basis an academic orientation and must be of assistance to the student(s) in acquiring valuable career-related skills. Casual Research Assistants for professors are covered under the AMURE collective agreement, while most other positions are covered under the AMUSE collective agreement.


Important Dates (2024-2025)

Applications Open: February 9, 2024

Application Submission and Due Date:  February 26, 2024 at 11:59pm

Date you will hear back from selection committee: March 4, 2024

Applications can be found in the button below! Please download the file, fill out the information and email it to the VP Academic at: You will receive a confirmation email if it is received! Please send it in PDF or word format.