Internships & Research

Want to find internship and research positions during your undergraduate studies? The AUS is here to help! We work in partnership with the Faculty of Arts to enhance your employment opportunities and make the most out of your studies at McGill to prepare you for your future career. 

The AUS offers four paths to finding internships and research, more information can be found on each of the icon’s below.

Arts Internship Office

The AIO Fee funds this office which offers internships to Arts students through partnerships with numerous organizations (CBC, UNHCR, UNFP, Ghana Centre for Democratic Development) – the AIO is jointly funded by an endowment and student fees

Arts Research Internship Award (ARIA)

Students and professors jointly apply to this program for summer research – the AUS, through ASEF, helps to fund ARIA which is also supported by an endowment

Arts Internship Office

Students who independently find an unpaid internship can apply for funding from the AIO Award – the fund can also be used to offset travel and accommodation costs related to your internship


A student and professor directly apply to the Arts Student Employment Fund (ASEF) which accepts applications once per semester – the ASEF Committee, led by the AUS VP Academic, approves applications and allocates funds