Arts Undergraduate Society

About the AUS

The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) exists to represent all McGill students in the Faculty of Arts and to promote their welfare and interests, and to provide activities and services that enhance the educational, cultural, and social dimensions of student life. 

The AUS represents Arts students with the Faculty of Arts, the McGill administration, and the Québec government.  We help students with academic complaints, advocate for student interests, and push for positive change both within the McGill and greater community

Campus life is another important part of what we do at the AUS. Frosh, Bar des Arts (BdA), and Grad Ball are major events coordinated by the AUS for students. We also run the Arts Lounge in Leacock basement and SNAX Café on Leacock’s main floor. Throughout the year, the AUS also offers academic and professional programming such as Work Your BA and the Grad School Fair

We provide a range of services for students including the AUS Essay Writing Centre, a coordinated network of peer tutoring, locker rentals, room bookings, French conversation circles, and laptop lending. We also allocate funding for Arts students to find and fund internships, as well as contribute to McGill’s work study program that hires students on campus. 

Though the AUS has an executive that oversees and manages the organization, the AUS is also constituted of over 29 departmental associations who represent, advocate, and plan events for students in their respective areas of study. 

The AUS is a student association accredited by the Quebec Government (R.S.Q. Ch.A-3.01) and registered as a not-for-profit organization. We operate independent of McGill University. Every undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts & Science is automatically a member of the AUS. 

Executive Team


Adin Chan


Hello Arts and Arts Sci! My name is Adin and I’m a U3 student studying Political Science and Economics, and I’m from Toronto, ON. I am a top fan of SNAX blueberry muffins and my favourite metro station is Lionel-Groulx. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback for how we can better serve you!

VP Finance

Sarah Jeong


Hi fellow Arts & Arts Sci students ! My name is Sarah, I’m a U2 student studying Economics, Social entrepreneurship, and East asian studies. I’m from South Korea, though I have lived in Nova Scotia for 4 years. My go-to restaurant around the area is Thai express, and my favourite street is Rue St.Catherine. If you have any questions, concerns, or anything, please let me know !

VP Communication

So Yun Chae


Hey Arts & Arts/Sci! My name is So Yun and I am in my U2 year studying Psychology, Behavioural Science, and SSOM. I’m from South Korea, but I’ve lived in Canada for the majority of my life. My job is to help communicate the goals, activities and opportunities of the AUS to you! If you have any questions or if you want to chat, you know I’m here for you! **Office hours by-appointment.

VP Social

Sam Baron


Hey everyone! My name is Sam, and I’m a U3 in Arts, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Microbiology and Immunology (MIMM). I’m an international student here at McGill – I’m originally from Los Angeles. In terms of hobbies, I’m into skiing, as well as playing and listening to music (I’m a bassist). I love to chat, so please feel free to message me should you have any questions about my portfolio, experiences, or interests!

VP Academic

Christina Rajkumar


Hey y’all! I’m Christina and I am a U2 student here at McGill! I study IDS, Philosophy and Economics and I am from Ontario! I am a big bagel girl. Hot take, but if you asked me Fairmount or St-Viateur? I would say both. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns or want to talk about bagels or anything else!

VP Internal

Mackenzie Yorke


Heyyy guys! My name is Mackenzie and I’m a U3 student. I am majoring in history and minoring in European literature and French as a second language! I’m from Pickering, Ontario and love playing hockey, online shopping and spending a copious amount of time on Tiktok! If you ever have any questions about anything related to the VP Internal portfolio (or just want to send me a Tiktok), don’t hesitate to reach out!

VP External

Charlotte Gurung


Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte, I’m a third year Political Science Major from London Ontario. I am super excited to be a part of AUS this year. Feel free to send me and email or message me on Facebook if you have any questions about my portfolio.

Arts Senator

Paige Collins


Hello Arts! My name is Paige and I’m a U3 studying Political Science and History. I’m from Victoria, BC, I took a gap year before coming to McGill, and I have zero fear of spiders. Please shoot me an email or Facebook message with questions about McGill’s bureaucratic labyrinth, your rights as a student, or where to find the best iced matcha in the city!

Arts Senator

Risann Wright


Hi everyone! My name is Risann Wright, and I’m a third-year honours political science student from Ontario. I am incredibly excited to be representing you as your arts senator this year! Please feel free to email or message me with any questions, concerns, or ideas you have about student advocacy.

Arts Rep. (SSMU)

Yara Coussa


Hi friends! I’m Yara, a U3 student studying IDS, Political Science, and GSFS. I’m a Lebanese-Canadian from Montréal (Outremont), my favourite street is Avenue Bernard, and my favourite location to go on a run is Canal Lachine. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns, or if you want to talk about Taylor Swift with your arts rep <3!

Arts Rep. (SSMU)

Avishai Infeld



Hi Everyone! My name is Avishai and I’m a U2 Arts student from Vancouver. I’m majoring in Political Science and Jewish Studies. If you ever have questions, concerns about your representation at SSMU, or just want to know what the best places to bike in Montreal are, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Arts Rep. (SSMU)

Ghania Javed


Hi Folks! I’m Ghania, a U2 student doing a Joint Honours in Political Science and Islamic Studies. I am a Pakistani-Canadian from the Greater Toronto Area, the traditional territory of the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee, the Wendat peoples and Mississauga of the Credit. Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns, questions or want to chat. <3


Students’ Society of
McGill University

SSMU represents all undergraduate students at McGill. They administer all clubs and provide a range of services such as Drivesafe, McGill Student Emergency Response Team (MSERT), and the Black Students Network (BSN). The SSMU Legislative Council discusses issues pertaining to McGill as a whole, and the Faculty of Arts is represented there through our Arts Representatives.

Arts Undergraduate Society

The AUS represents all students in the Faculty of Arts. We provide a variety of resources, services, and advocacy on the faculty level – including peer tutoring, essay writing centre, and the Arts Internship Office. The AUS also runs SNAX, the Arts Lounge, and other campus life initiatives such as Frosh and Bar des Arts (BdA). The AUS Legislative Council discusses issues concerning the Faculty of Arts.

Departmental Associations

Departmental associations represent students registered in academic programs within the Faculty of Arts. They host events, run listservs, and advocate for student interests within their department. Each departmental association is represented on the AUS Legislative Council.