Arts Undergraduate Society

About the AUS

The Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) exists to represent all McGill students in the Faculty of Arts and to promote their welfare and interests, and to provide activities and services that enhance the educational, cultural, and social dimensions of student life. 

The AUS represents Arts students with the Faculty of Arts, the McGill administration, and the Québec government.  We help students with academic complaints, advocate for student interests, and push for positive change both within the McGill and greater community

Campus life is another important part of what we do at the AUS. Frosh, Bar des Arts (BdA), and Grad Ball are major events coordinated by the AUS for students. We also run the Arts Lounge in Leacock basement and SNAX Café on Leacock’s main floor. Throughout the year, the AUS also offers academic and professional programming such as Work Your BA and the Grad School Fair

We provide a range of services for students including the AUS Essay Writing Centre, a coordinated network of peer tutoring, locker rentals, room bookings, French conversation circles, and laptop lending. We also allocate funding for Arts students to find and fund internships, as well as contribute to McGill’s work study program that hires students on campus. 

Though the AUS has an executive that oversees and manages the organization, the AUS is also constituted of over 29 departmental associations who represent, advocate, and plan events for students in their respective areas of study. 

The AUS is a student association accredited by the Quebec Government (R.S.Q. Ch.A-3.01) and registered as a not-for-profit organization. We operate independent of McGill University. Every undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts & Science is automatically a member of the AUS. 

Executive Team


Matthew O’Boyle


Hello! I’m Matthew and I’m a fourth-year student from New Jersey studying International Development, Sociology, and Economics. As AUS president, I’m responsible for overseeing and managing all operations of the AUS. Everything from taxes to tote bags! My favorite part of AUS is our bi-weekly legislative council meetings and the various committees that I get to chair. Hope to meet some of you there!

Fun Fact: I’m a Floor Fellow at Douglas Hall!

VP Finance

Julia Widing


Hi!!! I’m Julia, a U3 student from New York studying Art History, Management and Anthropology. As VP Finance, I oversee our budget, manage our day-to-day financial operations, and act as a source of advice for my fellow students. This includes chairing the Financial Management Committee, Ethical Business Practices Committee, and Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee. 

Fun fact: I’m a first-generation undergraduate student

VP Communication

Lauren  Hicken


My name’s Lauren and I’m a 3rd year economics & art history major from Toronto (actually Toronto…)  In my role as VP-communications, I run AUS weekly listserv’s, (keep an eye out in your inbox each Wednesday) social media, as well as the Fine Arts Commission and Francophone commission! 

Fun fact: I collect postcards from every place I visit!

VP Social

Sarah Jiang


Heyy, it’s Sarah here!! A little bit about me; I’m a U1 double majoring in Poli Sci and International Dev with a minor in Management. As VP Social, I organize events like Arts Frosh, Bar des Arts (every Thursday from 5:30-8:30PM), GradBall and more! A new addition this year is that AUS’ EPIC Committee will be co-organizing Faculty Olympics alongside SSPN this year! 

If you’re ever planning an event or have any questions/details you’d like help with please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂

VP Academic

Nick Rieck


Hi! My name is Nick and I’m a U3 student majoring in English Literature and minoring in South Asian Studies. My role is to manage the academic portfolio services like peer tutoring, while also working on academic advocacy projects throughout the AUS. I’m excited to work on projects like the EDI Curriculum consultations and the implementation of the Policy on the Assessment of Student Learning!

Fun Fact: I’m left-handed!

VP Internal

Rob Hinshalwood


Hey everyone I am Rob, a fourth-year student from New Haven Connecticut studying Theology and International Development. As VP Internal of AUS I am responsible for ensuring smooth internal functioning such as managing room bookings and liquor permits. Additionally, this semester I am running the AUS first-year committee (FEARC) and am sitting on the orientation planning committee. So don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any interesting ideas on how AUS can impact the first-year experience!

Fun fact: I can solve a Rubix cube

VP External

Sophia Li


Hey! My name is Sophia and I’m a U2 student in International Development. I like foreign language, so I’m also minoring in French and Russian. I’m from the GTA (Toronto, not the video game) where I grew up in Markham. As VP External, I oversee AUS’s philanthropic ventures, and communication with organizations on and off campus! 


Fun fact: My goal this year is to explore Montreal’s underground city…

Arts Senator

Juliet Morrison


Hi! I’m Juliet, a U3 student studying Political Science and GSFS from New York and Ottawa. My main role is to represent Arts students at the McGill Senate, where all of the university’s stakeholders (profs, admin, students) meet to make decisions on academic issues. As a liaison between AUS and SSMU, I also work on student initiatives and, as needed, help them reach the right channels to make change on campus. 

Fun fact: I love doing puzzles!

Arts Senator

Sophia Garofalo


Hey y’all I’m Sophia, a third-year student in International Development and African Studies, and a dog mother of 2. As an Arts Senator I’m responsible for representing student voices to McGill’s senate where the presidents and university executives meet. I also sit on a bunch of committees and act as a liaison between SSMU and AUS!

Fun fact: I receive my compensation via free drinks at BdA

Arts Rep. (SSMU)

Quinn Porter


I’m Quinn, a U2 Polisci major and French minor student. As an Arts Representative to SSMU, I attend council meetings and pass motions to make student life better. I’m on the Affordable Housing and Curriculum Committees!

Fun fact: I went to 4 continents over summer break!

Arts Rep. (SSMU)

Keith Baybayon


K Edit

Hi! My name is Keith Andre, a U1 student in honours religious studies with a minor in political science. My role is to advocate for your needs and pursue projects that aim to enhance your student experience. I sit on the equity committee, EDI working group, and a bunch of mcgill senate committees. 

Fun fact: My birthday is on halloween! #spooky

Arts Rep. (SSMU)

Aishwarya Rajan


Hi! I’m Aishu, a U1 student from Maine! I’m majoring in Political Science with a double minor in Management and South Asian studies. My role is to advocate for the concerns of my fellow Arts students in SSMU affairs, and act as liaison between AUS and SSMU. This year I am sitting on the Mental Health Committee, Student Accessibility Committee, and Clubs Affairs Committee. 

Fun fact: I spent a week on a remote island studying microplastic pollution!

Execs Office Hours

AUS Political Structure


SSMU represents all undergraduate students at McGill. They administer all clubs and provide a range of services such as Drivesafe, McGill Student Emergency Response Team (MSERT), and the Black Students Network (BSN). The SSMU Legislative Council discusses issues pertaining to McGill as a whole, and the Faculty of Arts is represented there through our Arts Representatives.

Arts Undergraduate Society

The AUS represents all students in the Faculty of Arts. We provide a variety of resources, services, and advocacy on the faculty level – including peer tutoring, essay writing centre, and the Arts Internship Office. The AUS also runs SNAX, the Arts Lounge, and other campus life initiatives such as Frosh and Bar des Arts (BdA). The AUS Legislative Council discusses issues concerning the Faculty of Arts.

Departmental associations represent students registered in academic programs within the Faculty of Arts. They host events, run listservs, and advocate for student interests within their department. Each departmental association is represented on the AUS Legislative Council.