Laptop Lending Program

General Information:

The AUS, in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts, runs a short-term laptop lending program for Arts and Arts & Sci students. All students who have not opted-out of the Arts Computer Lab Fee are eligible for the program. The program includes both Macbook and PC laptops. The PC workstations come with a range of softwares installed including Adobe Creative Suite and Stata 16. All computers come with chargers and display adapters.



Ferrier Building, 3rd floor

Rooms # 315 and # 303


Hours of Operation

Laptop check-out is Tuesday, 9:00am-2:30pm only.

Laptop return is Thursday, 9:00am-2:30pm only.

Late fee: $50 per each full or partial week late.


How to Borrow

To borrow a laptop through the AUS Laptop Lending Program, fill out the form below and pick up at Ferrier at during the check-out period.