Listserv Submissions

General Information:

To request a message be broadcast to the Arts Community through our weekly AUS Listserv, please follow the instructions carefully below. For more information, please contact our VP Communication.

Please note:

  • The deadline for having your listing posted in the next listserv is by Wednesday at 6:00 PM EDT (see Listservs requirements below)
  • Any posts/listings sent after Wednesday @ 6:00 PM will have to wait until next week’s listserv submission.
  • Posts will be accepted via email ( ONLY as we had issues with people, clubs, and associations submitting to the AUS website (it says token issue). Any listings on other associated emails will be rejected.

Post requirements for the LISTSERVS via EMAIL: 

  1. Add a title, date, time, location, and person to contact for questions.
  2. Keep descriptions under 25-50 words MAX (no one will read more unless they click the link/poster and are interested). Anything over 50 words will be cut off.
  3. Submit a photo in SQUARE format (Instagram Size ideally).
  4. Make sure to include a link (of your website/social media where they can redirect themselves to the event/interests).
  5. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM EMAIL ME. It is most likely that I got your email and will post it on the listserv unless you’ve asked me a question. In that case, I will most likely reply back.
  6. Remember, we are students just like you. We are humans after all. 🙂

AUS VP-Communications 2022-2023

We have decided to remove the forms as people had issues with submission. 🙁

See ListServ posting requirements above on what to send via email.

Thank you for comprehending. 🙂