Table Booking

General Information:

Note – Due to COVID-19 guidelines from the Faculty of Arts, please contact the AUS VP Internal to arrange for table booking. Please provide a minimum of 3 (three) days notice for any table booking.
  • A table can only be used by the group that originally made the reservation.
  • Groups cannot give their reservation to a different group without approval from the VP Services.
  • Groups must not take up more than one table, even if the others are vacant for a period.
  • It is no longer possible to book tables for the next business day.
  • Table bookings are not available for summer sessions.

Only Samosas can be sold at this table (Other foods, such as grilled cheese, require approval from the AUS President). No Baked goods . No drinks may be given out or sold unless consent is provided by the AUS VP Finance or President.

Only Baked goods can be sold at this table. No Samosas. No drinks may be given out or sold unless consent is provided by the AUS VP Finance or President.

This table is used to promote events, seminars, and causes. Can be used to sell tickets or books. This table CANNOT be used to give out OR sell ANY food or drinks without approval from the AUS VP Finance or President.

AUS Groups

Cancellations should be made 2 weeks prior to your booking. If you cancel in the week leading up to your booking, it will count towards your allotted tables per semester.

  • Priority with table reservations is given to AUS groups.
  • Approval of table reservations for AUS groups will be made in the second to last week of the preceding month.
  • AUS Groups are allotted 2 Samosa sales, 1 Bake sale, and 2 Info/Promo tables, per semester.
    • AUS groups are only able to table with food (samosa/bake sales) in the Leacock building
  • AUS groups can pre-book table reservations in bulk.
  • There is no rental fee for AUS Groups.

Food Sales Regulations

For groups looking to serve beverages (coffee, tea, etc.) or pre-packaged food items (granola bars, candy), the below rules would not apply to your sale. You may only table with food in the Leacock building.

On the morning of your booking, please go to the AUS office (Leacock B12) to pick up the following supplies from the AUS Assistants: a food warmer (only for bake sales), plastic gloves, a serving spoon, hairnets, cleaning spray, a thermometer, an extension cord. Be advised that your group is responsible for supplying clean serving utensils, napkins and plates. Also, ensure that all of your food is served in from food-grade containers (i.e. Tupperware).

After you have finished tabling, please return the equipment and supplies to the AUS office on or before 5:00pm on the day of your reservation. Please ensure that returned food warmers are washed before they are returned. Food warmers may be washed at the SNAX closet beside the Leacock porter’s office. If equipment is not returned by 6pm on the day of your reservation, you will incur a late fee of $10/day.

Non-AUS Groups

Cancellations can be made via email or in person before your booking has been approved, and during the payment period after your booking has been approved. After the payment period has passed, whether or not you have paid, the booking will count towards your allotted tables per semester. No refunds will be issued.

  • Groups must be affiliated with an accredited student association to book a table.
  • Non-AUS Student Groups can only make 1 table reservation at a time. Once their reservation has passed, they may submit a request for another table.
  • Non-AUS Student Groups are allotted 1 Samosa sale OR 1 Bake sale, and 2 Info/Promo tables, per semester.

There is a $10 fee for booking for Information or Promotion,  and a $15 fee for Samosa or Bake table. After your booking has been approved, you must pay for your booking within 72 hours of approval, or prior to 11:59 PM of the day before your booking; whichever is earlier. You must pay in person with cash at the AUS office.

  • Unpaid rental fees and last-minute cancellations are grounds to ban a group from further table reservations.
  • If a group makes a reservation, and then does not use the table on that day, the reservation counts towards their allotted bookings.
  • Non-AUS groups may only book up to 14 days in advance.

Food Sales Regulations

If you are a Non-AUS group affiliated with another faculty or SSMU, please get the appropriate food permits from them.

Book a Table

To book a table please email the AUS VP Internal at 

Please allow for a minimum of 3 (three) days before anticipated tabling date.