Complaints and Human Resources

The AUS Secretary General Team is responsible for managing all complaints and concerns regarding an AUS Executive or staff member. The Secretary Generals also oversee the hiring process to ensure it conforms to the AUS Human Resources Policy.

The Secretary General team is composed of the Secretary General Administration, Secretary General Accountability & HR, and the Deputy Secretary General.  

Complaints Process

Against any Executive

  • Contact Secretary General Accountability & HR

Against any Non-Elected AUS Officers, Commissioners, or Staff

  • Contact Secretary General Accountability & HR and the Executive whom that portfolio operates within

Against SNAX Manager or Supervisors

  • Contact Secretary General Accountability & HR and the AUS President

Against the Secretary General(s)

  • Contact the AUS President or the AUS Vice-President Internal

Secretary General Responsibilities

Secretary General Administration

  • Payroll 
  • Contracts
  • Taxes
  • Employment Records
  • Work-Study Program
  • International Student Inquiries

Secretary General Accountability & HR

  • Complaints
  • By-Laws and Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Training

Deputy Secretary General

  • Supports both portfolios

Meet the Team

Secretary General Administration

Reagan Coles (she/her)

Secretary General Accountability & HR

Kayla Heslon (she/her)

Deputy Secretary General

Ananya Seth (she/her)