Listserv, Posters, and Social Media Submissions

General Information:

To request a message be broadcast to the Arts Community through our weekly AUS Listserv, please follow the instructions carefully below. For more information, please contact our VP of Communications.

Please note: The deadline for having your listing posted in the next listserv is by Wednesday at 6:00 PM EDT (see Listservs requirements below)

  • Any posts/listings sent after Wednesday @ 6:00 PM will have to wait until next week?s listserv submission. E.g: if you send me the listserv email after 6:00 p.m. or by tomorrow, the listserv you sent will be posted in two (2) weeks and not for next week?s listserv. I establish this day to give time for me to copy-paste onto a document to be sent and for my translators a few days to translate them. We are McGill students with our own academic responsibilities, social life, and occupations. We are human after all. ?

  • Posts will be accepted via email ( ONLY as we had issues with people, clubs, and associations submitting to the AUS website (it says token issue). Any listings sent on other associated emails will be rejected.

Post requirements for the LISTSERVS via EMAIL: 

  1. Add a title, date, time, location, and person to contact for questions.
  2. Keep descriptions under 25-50 words MAX (excluding the links). No one will read more unless they click the link/poster and are interested. Anything over 50 words will be cut off.
  3. Submit a photo in SQUARE/rectangle format. Instagram Square or Portrait Size ideally.
  4. Make sure to include a link to your website/social media where they can redirect themselves to the event of interest.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM EMAIL ME. It is most likely that I got your email and will post it on the listserv unless you?ve asked me a question. In that case, I will most likely reply back.
  6. Remember, we are students just like you. We are humans after all. ?

Post requirements for POSTERS: 

  • You are allowed to hang up your Departmental-Association and McGill-related Clubs posters in Leacock (all floors but the main target should be the basement and 1st floor; anywhere that has bulletin boards), Arts Lounge, Arts-West Building, and Ferrier. For other non-Arts buildings, please go seek poster approvals from other faculty or departmental associations.

  • ALL posters require AUS Stamp or AUS Executives’ or AUS Assistants’ approval! Posters will be approved by any AUS members or AUS Assistants (including I). Otherwise, we the AUS Executives, Assistants, the Leacock Porter, or the McGill Security have the right to remove any posters without your approval.

    • To get approval, pass by the AUS Office B-12(B) in the Leacock Basement.
      • Arts Lounge is B-12(A).
      • To find the AUS Office, you can enter the Arts Lounge, walk straight, and then turn to your left.
      • OR go down the Leacock Basement staircase, walk straight (when you see the elevator), turn to your right (hallways of Class 14 & 15), walk straight ahead, and knock on your left side.
    • Criteria of posters we ACCEPT:
      • Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) related events;
      • AUS Departmental-Association events and posters;
      • SSMU-affiliated (including SSMU-related Clubs) events and posters;
      • McGill University Academic events and posters;
      • McGill University-related research studies;
      • Any messages from Official McGill University
    • Criteria of posters we DON’T ACCEPT:
      • Posters promoting External Monetary Value;
        • Non-Affiliated AUS/SSMU-related tutoring services;
        • Non-Affiliated Taxes and Notary Companies;
      • Non-Affiliated External Clubs events and posters;
      • Personal students’ parties and clubs;
      • Posters that promote racism, sexism, hate speech, bullying towards a student or student groups, and discrimination.
    • We have the right to reject/remove postings without your consent.
    • Poster clearings will be done by the AUS VP of Communications on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Post requirements for the POSTS via SOCIAL MEDIA (Instagram/Facebook): 

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: To get approval:
    • Instagram: Slide in our DMs of your post (we?ll reshare to AUS Instagram Stories).
    • Facebook: Let us know in the email for List Servs by attaching the FB event/club link, and we will try our best to share it.

Britney Vu (???)?
AUS VP-Communications 2022-2023
Email Me: 

INFORMATION LAST UPDATED: Thursday, November 17, 2022, at 3:41 AM EDT.

We have decided to remove the forms as people had issues with submission. ?

See ListServ posting requirements above on what to send via email.

Thank you for comprehending. ?