– AUS Jobs –

Interested in working for the AUS this year? The AUS hires dozens of students every year in paid and unpaid positions ranging from Speaker of Council, to Graphic Designer, to Webmaster, and much much more. The list of positions we are CURRENTLY hiring can be found below.

VP External Portfolio:

The VP External is looking for a sponsorship coordinator to help generate revenue and opportunities for the AUS.  This person is responsible for making contact with potential sponsors, and negotiating agreements that are mutually beneficial for the AUS and the sponsor in question.  This position is stipended on commission, and will last until May 1st. If you are interested in this position, please e-mail a CV and coverletter to the VP External at external.aus@mail.mcgill.ca.





– AUS Committees –

Please send letters of interest to the committee’s respective exec at their emails.

President’s Portfolio – president.aus@mail.mcgill.ca


Leacock’s, the AUS Arts and Culture Magazine, is back in action. We are currently on the hunt for a layout editor to assist with the design of the Leacock’s website as well as the monthly hard copy of the magazine.  We are looking for people with experience with Photoshop and InDesign. If you are interested in this position, please send a coverletter and a sample of your work to president.aus@mail.mcgill.ca.



Academic Portfolio – academic.aus@mail.mcgill.ca

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
The AAC is a group of students who discuss and implement ideas for improving the student academic experience in the faculty of arts from various perspectives. The committee often takes on one or multiple projects throughout the year.


Communications Portfolio – communications.aus@mail.mcgill.ca 

There are no committee openings under the Communications portfolio


External Portfolio – external.aus@mail.mcgill.ca

There are no committee openings under the External portfolio


Finance Portfolio – finance.aus@mail.mcgill.ca

There are no committee openings under the Finance portfolio


Internal Portfolio – internal.aus@mail.mcgill.ca

There are no committee openings under the Internal portfolio


Social Portfolio – social.aus@mail.mcgill.ca

There are no committee openings under the Social portfolio

– Other Opportunities –


Arts Internship Office