AUS Staff

Violette Yu, Student Executive Assistant

U2 Joint Honours Poli-Sci and Economics

Full disclosure: I make a lot of deadpan jokes that aren’t funny, and also have a hard time smiling any time before 10 AM. But I probably  don’t dislike you and probably  won’t bite; I’ll be glad to help you out and chat when you come by the office! If you’re worried though, offerings of food is always a good idea. Just no mushrooms please, unless on pizza or in risotto.


Billy Kawasaki, Student Executive Assistant

U2 Psychology 
Hey folks! My name is Billy and I am looking forward to being the AUS Executive Assistant this academic year. As the administrative support, I’ll probably be one of the first faces you see at the AUS office. Want to book a room, rent a locker or have questions about anything under the sun? I’m your person. Feel free to drop by the AUS office and I’d be happy to help!



Shannon Timmins, Student Executive Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I am one of your AUS Executive Assistants. If you need anything or just want to stop in and say hi, you can find me at the first desk near the door in the AUS office. I have the answer to what seems to be students’ most pressing questions: Yes, you can use our stapler!



Mia Trana, Bookkeeper

Hi! I’m Mia and I’m the student bookkeeper at AUS. I write cheques and make deposits. I’m usually in the office on Tuesday/Thursday from 12-2:30. Come by and say hi and ask all your cheq req related questions!



Willis Daellenbach, Webmaster

Portfolio: VP Communications

Hey Arts fam. I’m returning as the webmaster for AUS again and looking forward to keeping things tidy and efficient around here. If you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or complaints, get at me either at the contact page, or leave me some anonymous feedback! I’m always looking to streamline the services we offer, so please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and make suggestions 🙂


Office Hours: by request