Arts Representatives & Senators

Arts Representatives


Maria Thomas, Arts Representative

My main role is to voice the concerns of Arts students at SSMU as well as participate in various committees to help improve student life.

Year and field: U1 International Development and Sociology Double Major

Freshman Tips!

1) Do not book an 8:30 on Mondays, it’s not fun.

2) Hit up Quesada, it’s good food!

3) Don’t be scared! Being a freshman is scary but believe in yourself and you’ll do great!

Favourite spot on campus: Lower field when it’s warm out!


Office Hours:  Th 11:30 – 1:30


Isabella Anderson, Arts Representative

As an Arts Rep, I get to act as a liaison between the AUS and SSMU, attending meetings for each and reporting back on what happens. I also get to act as a link between the AUS and Arts students at McGill, and I am able to listen to what the community wants or needs and relay that to the rest of the Executive Team in order to create positive change for the faculty!

Year and field: U2 Political Science

Freshman Tips!

1) Go to office hours – your professors and TAs aren’t that intimidating if you get to know them!

2) It’s ok to ask for help if you ever feel overwhelmed

3) Try to break free from the McGill bubble and visit areas like Old Port or Mile-End

Favourite spot on campus: The SSMU Couch Room (especially now that it’s updated and colourful!)



Igor Sadikov, Arts Representative

Hey folks! SSMU provides invaluable representation, advocacy, and services to undergrads, and I hope to work with Arts students to continue shaping SSMU to our needs. Get in touch if you want to learn more about SSMU, if you’d like to bring something up at SSMU Council, or just to chat about campus politics!

Year and field: U3 Mathematics and Political Science

Freshman Tips!

1) Read the student newspapers (The Daily, The Tribune, Le Délit) to stay informed

2) Don’t only learn in class: attend student-organized workshops or take a SSMU mini-course

3) Get involved in a student group!

Favourite spot on campus: AUS Snax



Arts Senators

William Cleveland, Arts Senator

Charles Keita, Arts Senator

Casarina Hocevar, Arts Senator