AUS Executive

The seven AUS executives comprise the AUS Executive Committee and oversee the day-to-day governance and operations of the Society. Feel free to contact any of the AUS Executives if you have any questions about their portfolio or are interested in getting involved!

Becky Goldberg, President

U3 Cultural Studies and Urban Studies

Hey everyone! My name is Becky and I am looking forward to being AUS President for the 2016-2017 academic year! As AUS President, my tasks include overseeing the day to day activities of the AUS, acting as the AUS official spokesperson, and most importantly managing the coordination of service provision and programming that best addresses the needs of AUS students. This year I am looking forward to implementing AUS mental health initiatives and increasing interdepartmental collaboration. Look forward to seeing you around campus!

Freshman Tips!

1) Don’t make housing plans in November.

2) Do not share your flex dollars with anybody. Anybody.

3) Join something (it doesn’t need to be AUS, but that’s great too).

Favourite spot on campus: Geography Information Center (GIC)


Office Hours: Monday 9-10; Tuesday 9-1130; Wednesday 10-1130

Erik Partridge, VP Academic

U2 Liberal Arts

Hi, everyone! As your VP Academic, it’s my job to voice your opinions to both the Faculty and Library administrations. At the same time, I sit on or chair numerous committees including the Arts Internship Office Advisory Committee, the Arts Student Employment Fund Committee, and the Academic Affairs Committee, and help to provide services such as the AUS’ Essay Centre.

Freshman Tips!

1) Do something more than just study.

2) Don’t be hesitant in asking for help.

3) Get out of the McGill bubble on a regular basis.

Favourite spot on campus: Arts Lounge, because Arts Lounge


Office Hours:  Monday 11-1:30; Wednesday 11-1:30

Chanèle Couture De-Graft, VP Communications

U2  Sociology, Politics, Law and Society & Communications

Hey guys! My job is to ensure that Arts students’ are aware of all events, opportunities, and services offered by the AUS through the weekly listserv, the AUS website, Facebook page, and more. Committees under my portfolio are the Marketing Committee, the Fine Arts Council, and the Francophone Commission!

Freshman Tips!

1) Do not abandon your passion. Whether it’s soccer, fitness or gaming, DO NOT give up doing what you love, it keeps you going.

2) I can’t stress this enough – Get Involved! You will make life long friends and feel more accomplished.

3) Order Boustan. Just do it, satisfaction guaranteed.

Favourite spot on campus: Percival-Molson Memorial Stadium


Kia Kouyoumjian, VP External

U2 Political Science and Economics

Hey everyone! I’m your VP External, which means I’m in charge of alumni relations, connecting McGill and students with exterior groups, and community engagement. This year under my portfolio, there’s Arts Community Engagement, Sponsorship, International Student Affairs, and the very new Mental Health commissioners, who I’m very excited to be working with!

Freshman Tips!

1) Get involved! So many people miss out on wonderful things McGill has to offer.

2) It’s intimidating if you need help but don’t know where to go or what to do, but if you can reach out early.

3) Prime nap locations: Birks lounge, SSMU, Burnside Basement.

Favourite spot on campus: Birks Reading Library


Deepak Punjabi, VP Finance

U3 Economics

Hey guys! My job is to manage the finances of the society (budgeting, accounting duties, etc.) as well as overseeing operations of SNAX, the retail store in the Leacock lobby. Committees under my portfolio are the Financial Management Committee (FMC) and the Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee (AUIF).

Freshman Tips!

1) Get acquainted with the many resources McGill has to offer

2) Montreal is much more than McGill, explore!

3) Get involved, you won’t regret it!

Favourite spot on campus: Lower field


Office Hours: Tuesday / Thursday 230-5

Kira Smith, VP Internal

U3 English Literature and Philosophy

As your VP Internal, I have the pleasure of working closely with our departmental associations to support and liaise between them. I also oversee the AUS Environmental Council (AUSec) and First-Year Events, Academic, and Representative Council (FEARC)!

Freshman Tips!

1) Find activities you love and pursue them! (Maybe check out FEARC?)

2) Establish ways to care for yourself and put your wellbeing first! This is definitely easier said than done, but so important.

3) Don’t hesitate to connect with on-campus resources – the AUS and many other groups exist to support you!

Favourite spot on campus: Arts 160 (mostly for the departmental gatherings)


Office Hours: Monday / Wednesday 230-430; Thursday 4-5

Kat Sviknushin, VP Social

U3 Liberal Arts

My job is to bring together AUS students by planning events that appeal to a wide range of interests. From long-standing traditions like Frosh and Bar des Arts to new events, there are almost endless opportunities to meet students and join the AUS community. Committees under my portfolio are Arts Frosh, the Event Planning and Involvement, and Bar des Arts!

Freshman Tips!

1) Accept your failures!

2) AND learn from them!

3) Venture outside of the McGill community – make the most of Montreal!

Favourite spot on campus: Birks Building