Meet the AUS Team

The AUS has a large team of people; from Executives, Representatives, hired staff, to volunteers and many more, with whom we are able to strive to fulfill our mandate to represent and provide services for Arts and Arts & Science students. Meet the AUS team here:

The AUS Executive

The AUS Executive is elected each year in February. With seven diverse portfolios, each Executive works to fulfill the AUS’s mandate.

AUS Executive 2018 – 2019
President: Jamal Tarrabain

VP Academic: Ananya Nair

VP Communications: Yoana Pehlyova

VP External: Darshan Daryanani

VP Finance: Stefan Suvajac

VP Internal: Maheen Akter

VP Services: Haidee Pangilinan

VP Social: Kim Yang

Visit the AUS Executive in the AUS office, located in the Arts Lounge (Leacock B-12)

Office Hours

The office hours of the AUS team can be viewed below.

Jamal | President : M 2-4, R 10-1
Ananya | VP Academic : T 10-12:30; R 10-12:30
Darshan | VP External : T 12-2:30; R12-2:30
Stefan | VP Finance : M 4-5; W 10-1; F 3-4
Maheen | VP Internal : W 3-6 : 12-2
Kim | VP Social : M 9-11:30 & 1-2:30; W 1-2:30
Haidee | VP Services : M 3-5; W 3-5; F 3-4
Adin | Arts Rep : F 1:30-3:30
Andrew | Arts Rep : W 10:30-12:30
Shreya | Arts Rep : T 1:15-2:15 ; R 1:15-2:15

AUS Staff

This page features the biographies and contact information of those the AUS hires to assist in fulfilling our mandate to provide services and representation to our membership. This includes students as well as the AUS’s Executive Assistants. Hired following a fee levy referendum in Winter 2013, the Executive Assistants support the Executive Committee and perform various administrative tasks to help the AUS fulfill its obligations to the University and to the government.

Arts Representatives & Senators

This page features information about the Arts Representatives to SSMU and the Arts Senators. The Arts Reps to SSMU fulfill the AUS’s mandate to represent Arts students in university student politics. They sit on SSMU Council and AUS Council. The Arts Senators sit on Senate, which is a governing body tasked with general control and supervision over the academic affairs of the University.

Arts Representatives 2018 – 2019
Shreya Dandamudi

Adin Chan

Andrew Chase

Arts Senators 2017 – 2018
Ommu-Kulsoom J. Abdul-Rahman

Madeline Wilson