Department Sustainability

Economic, social, and environmental sustainability are core values of the Arts Undergraduate Society, and we work hard to ensure all events and activities of our society uphold sustainability principles.

In order to qualify for AUS funding, events must meet the following criteria as established in the Accountability By-Laws:

Events Hosting 60 – 180 people

Must meet the standards of a bronze event, as stipulated by the McGill Office of Sustainability.
Events Hosting 180+ people

Must obtain a minimum of bronze certification from the McGill Office of Sustainability which can be done by sending an approval plan to the AUS Sustainability Consultant

Departments that obtain higher certifications of sustainability for events will be given funding priority with the Financial Management Committee (FMC). The AUS will not issue payments for plastic or paper plates, cups, and cutlery, and we encourage departments to use campus cutlery services such as the Plate Club.

Departments are also expected to adhere to the Ethical Procurement By-Laws which outline best practices for ethical procurement. All apparel produced in Canada must be purchased from guarantees that demonstrate decent work conditions, and apparel produced outside of Canada must be Fairtrade Certified. The Ethical Business Practices Committee maintains an ?Approved Suppliers List? that AUS departments can review as well as submit supplier requests. The AUS also encourages all departments to seek event sponsorship from ethical companies certified as ?B Corporations? or as acknowledged by the World Fair Trade Organization.

New Vendor Vetting Application