Cheque Requisition

As of June, 2017, the AUS is migrating to digital cheque requisition forms. Please fill out the attached form and attach copies of receipts to support the expenditures. No cheque can be issued without receipts. The copies of the receipts must be clearly legible in their entirety, and in PDF, PNG, or JPG format, either by scan or by HD photograph. Retain the receipts until you have received your cheque.

The cheque is ready for pick up from the AUS office in 2 to 4 business days. However, in some cases, if the digital version of the receipt is not of sufficient quality, or appears to have been altered, we may require copies of the original receipts. If this is the case, you will be contacted.

If you request to have a cheque mailed, it normally takes 4 days from when the cheque leaves our office to reaching you, if you are located in Montreal. However, this is not guaranteed, and subject to Canada Post and McGill’s mail services.

Should you have any questions, comments, or issues with this form, please contact the Vice-President Finance, or any of our financial assistants.

Please note that cheques are only issued in Canadian dollars, and that Interac e-transfer or other digital bank transfers are not available at this time.


If you’re unsure about your situation or have any other questions, feel free to email

**Unfortunately, our system is requiring that you click to mail, please indicate in the notes if you want your cheque mailed or would prefer to pick up in the office*

Your Details

Let us know who you are so we can make the cheque out to you.

Your role within the organization, eg. Vice-President, Academic
Any other information that may be useful and relevant for our records or for us to better understand this reimbursement

Request Details

Let us know what this request is for-- the more detailed the better- this helps us verify the request in our budget.

Your full mailing address
Which event or activity was this for?

Expense Details

Just a couple of questions about the expense, you're almost there! Notes:

  • Please use a separate line for each transaction that is classified under different General Ledger Account categories on your budget. For example, if you bought food and wine, please separate these transactions into two lines: one using General Ledger Account “7100 - Alcohol” and the other under “9850 - Misc.Events: Food”.
  • In Class please put your departmental association’s acronym
  • If you received FMC, AUIF or FAC funding, please specify your FMCAN and allocation tracking numbers for the other funds in “Class”
  • Please be sure to include complete itemized receipts with all your transactions.
  • If you have any questions, contact your VP Finance or the AUS VP Finance.

Was this funding provided by the FMC or the FAC, if so, please specify.
How much we should make the cheque out for-- must be supported by receipts.
What is this expense, eg. Groceries from Provigo

Retain your receipts until you receive your cheque.

Please attach all receipts related to this request.