FMC and AUIF Funding

The Financial Management Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. For the Fall 2020 semester, meetings are held every other Wednesday through the Zoom links below according to the following  schedule:

Date Time Meeting Link
November 04, 2020 7-8:30 PM
November 18, 2020 7-8:30 PM
December 02, 2020 7-8:30 PM

Meetings are open to all AUS Constituents, who are granted observer status.

FY2021 encompasses Fall 2020 and Winter 2021.

Applications must be submitted by the Wednesday preceding meeting dates to be included on the upcoming meeting’s agenda.

Fund Descriptions and Application Guidelines:

Journal Fund:

This is for student-run journals and magazines; preference is given to those within the Faculty of Arts. This fund contains $24 724.52 for FY2021. Please read full text related to Journal Fund below.

  • For those journals who received AUS FMC funding in Winter 2020, but could not publish as a result of COVID-19: a special $5000.00 allocation has been approved for FMC to distribute to Journal’s who could not be published last semester. To access this funding, please re-submit your first application through the Journal Fund link and indicate on your application that your request is from Winter 2020. You may submit a duplicate of the application you submitted in Winter 2020. Applications to access funding provided to support unpublished student journal’s from last semester will not have a negative impact on applications for this year. Applications can only be for paper or digital publications; funding cannot support launch parties. This measure will expire at the end of FY2021.

General Journal Fund Decision-Making Guidelines:

Throughout FY2021 (Fall 2020-Winter 2021), FMC will prioritize approving funding for digital publication. Applications will be approved in the following order of precedence:

  1.  Departmental Association/Internal AUS Applicants (current year)– Digital Publications
  2. Departmental Association/Internal AUS Applicants (current year) – Hard-copy Publications
  3. Departmental Association/Internal AUS Applicants (previous year)– Digital Publications
  4. Departmental Association/Internal AUS Applicants (previous year) – Hard-copy Publications  
  5. External Applicants (current year) – Digital Publications
  6. External Applicant (current year) – Hard-copy Publications
  7.  External Applicants (previous year) – Digital Publications
  8.  External Applicant (previous year) – Hard-copy Publications

At this time, no funding will be approved for publication launch parties.

All Journal’s printing hard-copies must specify how many copies they intend to print.

Guidelines for Applicants Requesting Funding to Print Hard-Copies of Publication:

Given FMC’s decision to prioritize digital publications, the following guidelines will apply to applicants printing hard-copies of their publications:  

  1.  Applicants printing less than 30 hard-copies will be considered digital for decision-making purposes.
  2. For applicants requesting funding to print more than 30 hard-copies of their publication, it is mandatory to explain in the “Additional Remarks” section of the Journal Fund application, how these copies will be distributed.
  3. To request funding for more than 150 copies of a publication, a specific set of distribution locations must be provided (in addition to a distribution plan) in the “Additional Remarks” section of the Journal Fund application.

Supplementary Fund:

This is for departmental associations within the Arts Undergraduate Society seeking to fund events and initiatives which are beyond the scope of their annual budget. This fund contains $23 951.20 for FY2021.

Special Projects Fund:

This is for student groups seeking to fund large events and conferences, including collaborations with external groups; any on-campus group may apply. This fund contains $12 680.05 for FY2021.

(NEW – Applications will open in Winter 2020) Sustainability and Ethical Procurement Fund:

The purpose of this fund is to: (1) support the implementation of the Sustainability and Ethical Procurement By-laws and the AUS Sustainability Report by reducing implementations costs for internal entities; (2) support community and student organizations advancing the mandate of the Sustainability and Ethical Procurement By-laws through community engagement, and; (3) support AUS community engagement with these organizations. This fund contains $6 159.00 for FY2021.

Fine Arts Council (FAC): 

For inquiries about Fine Arts Council funding please email, or visit their page on the AUS website. This fund contains $16 000.00 for FY2021. 

Advice for applications:

– Make sure your budget is detailed

– Include a phone number in your application. If you need funding, and your application is tabled because we cannot reach you to ask you questions, you will have to wait another two weeks before you hear back.

– You are welcome to present your application at the next FMC meeting. This can often save time because it allows to ask questions and give feedback immediately.

NOTE: You do not receive a confirmation upon submission of your application. Please do not send duplicates.

Please use the following AUSB budget template for your FMC Applications:



Application For Supplementary Departmental Funding

Application For Journal Funding

Application For Special Projects Funding

AUIF: Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund 

This fund supports improvements to the physical and capital resources that Arts students use, such as the Arts Lounge and the McLennan/Redpath Library Complex. In the past, it has funded the renovations of the third floor of the McLennan library, the wall painting of the Arts Lounge, and the furniture for student association lounges and offices. In addition, portions of this fund support the operations of the Arts Internship Office (AIO), the Faculty of Arts Computer Labs (FACL), and the Fine Arts Council (FAC).

Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Application 2019

The AUIFC (Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee) meets to review the AUIF fund. They meet once a year inFebruary to approve applications to capital expenditures within the Faculty of Arts. Applications from AUS groups (AUS Executives, Departmental Associations, etc), Faculty of Arts members, and Faculty of Arts offices are accepted.

To find out more about AUS fees, click here.