AUS Executive and Office Hours

The seven AUS executives comprise the AUS Executive Committee and oversee the day-to-day governance and operations of the Society. Feel free to contact any of the AUS Executives if you have any questions about their portfolio or are interested in getting involved!


 Erik Partridge, President

U3 Liberal Arts


Office Hours;

Monday: 2:30-5:30

Wednesday: 2:30-5:30

Friday: 11:30 -12:30





Madeline Wilson, VP Academic

U2 Political Science


Office Hours:

Wednesday: 3:30-5:30

Friday: 11:30-2:30






Maria Thomas, VP Communications

U2  International Development Studies


Office Hours:

Tuesday: 11:10-12:30

Thursday: 11:30-1:30

Friday: 12:30-2:00





Alice Yue, VP External

U2 Political Science & Geography

Monday: 4:30-5:30

Wednesday: 3:00-5:30

Thursday: 4:00-5:30






Noah Lew, VP Finance

U2 History & Political Science


Office Hours:

Tuesday: 10:00-12:00

Thursday: 2:00-5:00






Rebecca Scarra, VP Internal

U2  Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Social Justice Studies & Sociology


Office Hours:

Monday: 11:35-1:30

Tuesday: 11:30-2:30





Nathan Greene, VP Social

U3 Anthropology & International Development Studies