AUS Essay Centre

The AUS runs an Essay Centre, which provides free essay writing assistance from qualified tutors during the Fall and Winter academic semesters. We offer structure, style, grammar and citation assistance. Students must come ready with a printed copy of their essay. Essays cannot simply be dropped off and essay tutors should not be expected to edit papers by email. The Essay Centre will be open for the fall semester until Thursday, December 4th.

Drop-in hours

Drop-in hours are Monday to Friday from 2:30-3:30 PM. We are located in the Jack Daniels Room in the Arts Lounge.

While tutors are not required to edit for content, you can attempt to meet with a tutor who has some familiarity with your topic. Below is a list of areas of specialization during drop-in hours:

Monday: History, Classics, Political Science, Economics, German Studies, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, English Literature, Communications, Management
Tuesday: History, Philosophy, Religion, International Development, Political Science, Physiology, German Studies, Middle Eastern Studies
Wednesday: History, Classics, Political Science, English Literature, Economics, Management, Sociology, Religion
Thursday: History, Philosophy, Religion, International Development, Political Science, Communications, English Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, Management
Friday: History, Political Science, Communications, Philosophy, English Literature, Physiology, Anthropology

Editing in French

Tutor are available to edit papers in French during drop-in hours on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can also make an appointment if you wish to have a paper edited in French.

Making an appointment

While we recommend coming to drop-in hours, editing is available by appointment if you’re unable to do so. We’ll make every effort to get you an appointment as soon as possible, but please don’t expect an appointment within 24 hours! Our tutors are not on-call. Therefore, please request an appointment a minimum of four days before your essay is due to account for the time spent scheduling your appointment. Our tutors are not obligated to meet students on weekends.

You will receive an e-mail from a tutor soon after you’ve filled out form here.

Email us at for more info.